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Murray test

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This area is used for instruction only.

To add a new Glossary IP user range:

  1. Log in 
  2. Go to Components > K2 > Items
  3. In the list, select Glossary IP user ranges from the Categories dropdown filter.
  4. Find the Template - Glossary user IP ranges item for further instruction

To clone the template:

  1. Click "Cancel" top right of this page
  2. In the items list which loads, select this item's checkbox and click "Copy" top right. You will see "Copy of xyz" now listed. Click this item to edit it.

Once cloned:

  1. Change the title of this item - this title will appear once a user is logged in, so try to keep it factual e.g. WITS LAN users
  2. Ensure that Glossary user IP ranges is selected as the category
  3. Assign tags - these are the same tags which you add to a Glossary. For instance, if you want to give these users access to all legal glossaries, go into each glossary and give them a common tag e.g. Legal terms. Then come back here, and use that same tag to link those glossaries with these users.
  4. Ensure that the article is published.
  5. Click the Extra Fields tab.
  6. In the IP range start field, enter a single IP address e.g.*. If you just want to authenticate across a single IP address, ignore the next point.
  7. In the IP range end field, enter an IP address, as above, but with a higher number e.g.*. This would allow any IP address between 0 and 100 within that subnet. See below** for setting up client IP ranges.
  8. Enter an expiry date (if none is supplied, it is assumed that these users can use this glossary indefinitely.)
  9. Enter a contact person (in case our user is having problems  with their IP, or the account has expired***.)


* System has not been tested against IPv6 addresses. Please note that local addresses should be avoided - these typically look like:, 10.0.0.x, 192.168.x.x. If your use is supplying an address which looks like this, please ask them to follow the next step.

** If a client doesn't know their IP, or is having problems, you can check their IP by asking them to surf to: - the IP address will be displayed in a black bar under the page header.

*** If a user is visiting from within a valid IP range, but the account has expired, they can still log in as a regular user, using the original login process.


Additional Info

  • IP range start:
  • Expiry date: Monday, 01 September 2014
  • Admin contact (name or email): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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